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I want to show guitarists that that it's never too late to understand theory, improvise confidently and be proud of how they play.


Here there guitarists, I'm Guillaume (a k a Will), a French-American guitarist, author and professor of guitar and music theory.  8 years ago I decided to move to the US and give up my engineering career to become a professional musician. 

During my process of learning about music as a self-taught musician, I discovered a passion for helping people who might have not made guitar a priority in their life, reach their fullest potential.

Since then I've published two books on Music Theory, tour around the country, record professionally, and mentor guitarists all over the world.

The struggles of learning music theory as a self-taught guitarist


I believe most guitarists know deep down that there has to be a logic behind music... You learn a few solos or tunes and recognize patterns. The same chords come up over and over again. As humans we cannot help but try to explain and analyze. This was definitely the case for me. But somehow I could NEVER find proper answers to my questions:

  • What is a scale?
  • How is it different than a mode?
  • Why do certain scales work better than others?
  • How do I know what key I'm in without having to muddle through by ear?
  • How to really improvise?

And for some reason anytime I asked these questions, to friends or teachers, I would get unclear and obscure answers...

Spoiler Alert: Improvisation can be taught, and music theory is the answer

You'll always find armies of people defending against learning music theory. My advice: ignore them. 
Music Theory is absolutely crucial for so many reasons:

It allows you to know what to practice and to set clearer goals

✅ It give you clarity of  mind and confidence

✅ It satisfies intellectual curiosity 

✅ It improves your communication skills to play with others

✅ It allows you to play the right notes without leaving it up to chance

From engineer to professional musician, author and mentor

 I definitely got really close to living a very different life. At 22 I got my Master's in Engineering, and my career was pretty much laid out in front of me. But while all my friends decided to pursue this path, I decided that I wanted to give the music thing a go. 

Using my engineering and mathematical mind, I tackled the impossible task of understanding music theory in a clear global way.  

I understood that music is a language and theory its grammar. In my quest to understand theory, things started to make more and more sense and I started helping some friends. And what was supposed to be a little cheat sheet about how I see theory turned into two books....


You don't have to stay stuck or confused...

If you have common sense you can understand music theory and it will be incredibly useful to you. 

Many guitarists who have actually been playing for many years and yet seems like their level does not reflect all this time spent on the instrument. Many of them get discouraged and compensate with excessive accumulation of gear and guitars they don't really know how to play. They essentially give up and become collectors when all they really want to do is learn to PLAY! For real. 

This is usually due to the same roadblocks:

❌ Poor knowledge of Music Theory

 Limiting fretboard navigation skills and bad habits

❌ Undefined goals and inefficient practice routines


Are you ready to finally make your guitars proud of being played by you?

Watch a guitar mastery roadmap video. In this video you'll learn: 

✅ How to set efficient practice routines

✅ The steps you need to take to understand music theory

✅ An exact step-by-step guide that you can implement to reach freedom on the fretboard

✅ What 7 fields that make guitar mastery and which ones you should be focusing on

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